Unity 2018 bugfix update

A new bugfix update to Doodle Studio is available that adds better support for Unity 2018. The following fixes are included in this release:

  • Saving was broken on Windows when replacing an existing animation
  • Updated the Terrain to avoid Unity 2018 auto-upgrade
  • Removed usage of deprecated methods not available in Unity 2018


Older-Version-For-Emergencies_DoodleStudio95_Unity_2017.unitypackage 7 MB
72 days ago
Older-Version-For-Emergencies_DoodleStudio95_Unity_5.6.unitypackage 7 MB
72 days ago
DoodleStudio95_Unity_2018.unitypackage 7 MB
72 days ago
DoodleStudio95_Unity_5.6.unitypackage 7 MB
72 days ago

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