A downloadable plugin for Unity 3D

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This is the purchase page for the educational version of Doodle Studio 95! For more information about Doodle Studio click here.


We love having Doodle Studio 95 in classrooms! It's a great way for students learning Unity to add characters and settings to their games in a quick and playful way while staying focused on experimenting and learning.

In the spirit of sharing, we provide educators a site-wide educational license using a Pay What You Want model. 

Every organization is different. Pay what you think makes sense for your school or organization. Your purchase directly supports the creator's art practice and helps them add new features.

The minimum price is $45 total. 

The recommended price is $75 per seat.
     e.g. for a computer lab with 6 seats we recommend $450


By purchasing through this page your educational organization is granted a site-wide perpetual license for Doodle Studio 95!, a drawing and animation tool for Unity 3D.
Unity 5.6.5+ or Unity 2018 is required to use this tool.

You're allowed to install and use Doodle Studio 95! in any school or student-owned devices for educational purposes. 

Includes access to future updates and limited technical support.

Note that the contents of the Educational version are the same as the Retail version, and the download is DRM-free.


The Doodle Studio 95 community has a section specifically for Educators using the tool in their classroom where we'll be sharing experiences when using it in workshops and jams, available here: 


Buy Now$45.00 USD or more

In order to download this plugin for Unity 3D you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $45 USD. You will get access to the following files:

DoodleStudio95_Unity_5.6.unitypackage 7 MB
DoodleStudio95_Unity_2018.unitypackage 7 MB
DoodleStudio95_Unity_2019.unitypackage 7 MB